Dobrovolnický týden 2022

From 13-20 August 2022, A Rocha held a Volunteer Week at Krupárna, A Rocha’s eco-centre in Dobré, near Dobruška. More than 35 lovers of God’s creation from six countries, including families with young children and a group of older children led by Jana from the A Rocha team, participated, getting a tremendous amount of work done together.

In the future common room, volunteers dug a heating pipe channel in the wall and installed window sills, followed by a deep clean: the dusty workers can testify to the intensity of the cleaning!

Participants assembled and installed three beautiful wooden information and repaired the breached river bank by the weir. In our living garden, they cleared unwanted weeds from all the ponds – especially enjoyable for the older children because of the hot weather.

Together we laid a new footbridge by the snake hide, cut down dry trees that were threatening to fall on the path and cut the tall grass around all the bushes. Volunteers also prepared much needed firewood for the winter, several dozen frames for the bees, and sifted earth to remove stones, creating beautiful soil for additional garden beds.

It was wonderful to see the cooperation between the different groups and individuals. Younger participants were able to learn skills from the more experienced – for example, hammering together the frames for our bees, making information boards or preparing concrete for filling the windowsills.

Also, we cannot forget to appreciate the hard work done in the kitchen under the guidance of Milena, an experienced professional cook, who prepared delicious and healthy meals every day with the generous help of our volunteers.

The week was beneficial for the garden and the Krupárna building, as well as for all our participants. It brought together people from four generations who worked together, got to know and learn from each other, share their stories, establish and build friendships, and rejoice together in God’s creation.
We spent time each morning and evening in prayer and worship, followed by devotions and Scripture reading. Together we reflected on Psalm 23, the fragrance of the Holy Spirit in our lives, the uniqueness of living each day in the present, strengthening one another with faith and God’s gifts, and the significance of churches and temples in Old Testament times. We were encouraged by the experience of A Rocha in France and Canada, and the work of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, a mission organization which shares the Gospel with motorcyclists in the UK.
There was also opportunity to enjoy a traditional Czech campfire with roasted sausages, sharing and prayers, and adventures like bathing in the river and improving our English while working and sharing with our brothers and sisters from abroad.

Every afternoon, the volunteers had a break from work and went on various outings. We explored the Eagle Mountains and visited the Rescue Station in Jaroměř. We enjoyed a guided tour in Josefov meadows where we observed Snipe and Dippers, wild horses and aurochs, an ancient breed of cattle. We released a healed seagull into the wild. 

We learned how our ancestors lived and farmed in the 13th and 14th centuries at Villa Nova, the nature archaeological museum in Uhřínov. We attended an informative lecture on agroforestry and extensive fruit farming from students of the Farmers’ School and their German colleagues. And together with local residents, we watched ‘Daily I Come Before Your Face’, Drahomíra Vihanová’s short documentary about Franz Eimann, the power of faith and the strong relationship to one’s home.

Each morning we participated in ringing birds living around Krupárna, the Keith Morris Center. We learned a lot about each species ringed – Great Tit Parus major, White-throated Dipper Cinclus cinclus, Eurasian wren Troglodytes troglodytes, Goldcrest Regulus regulus and especially the beautiful Kingfisher Alcedo atthis, also called the Flying Jewel for its beautiful colouring.

We hope to repeat this successful event next year – an opportunity to ‘taste’ community life. We welcome you to join us.