Our activities are aimed at sharing with all people our faith-based conviction of a common responsibility for God’s creation. We do this in a variety of ways: 

  • Environmental education programmes with children and youth in schools and educational lectures to an all-age public on the beauty of nature, conservation and other topics leading to responsible living  
  • Children’s environmental clubs: the love and discovery of nature and a better understanding of the importance of proper nature care

Our Christian eco-centre: offering residential ecological programmes and links to practical conservation activities

Cooperation with ČSOP and ČSO in the Eagle Mountains (Orlické Záhoří) and Josefov’s meadows, and ornithological research around the Golden Brook (Zlatý potok)

Ongoing development of a demonstration living garden open to the public, promoting water retention in nature and supporting natural biodiversity

Cooperation with local parishes in the foothills of the Eagle Mountains and southern Bohemia, and growing contacts with both evangelical and Roman Catholic churches