Educational programmes

Our educational programmes are designed primarily for children from kindergarten, primary schools and possibly secondary schools, as well as organizations or clubs. They are focused on nature protection and guidance to a responsible relationship with the environment.

The programmes can be held directly at our eco-centre, Krupárna (Dobré 85), or we can come to you within the Hradec Králové region. For the latter, we charge a travel fee (8 CZK/1 km) in addition to the price of the programme.

If we come to you, we require the delivery of at least three lessons of the programme (e.g.: three different topics or the same topic three times for different participants). The minimum number of participants per program is 15 students.

The programmes are held on school days and in the Czech language.

Discrete programme topics::

1) Endangered field birds

2) Birds in cities

3) Importance and methodology of bird ringing

4) Birds at the feeder: how, when and why feed birds?

5) Why and how do birds sing beautifully?

6) Biodiversity in nature and in the Bible

7) Amphibians: animals of two elements

8) Reptiles that crawl and others that don’t

9) Trees: the amazing living organisms of our planet

10) Basic fungi identification course 1 & 2

11) Signs of resident animals in nature

12) Protected areas of our region

13) Predators

14) Talking to animals: Lesson 1 – Fox, Badger, Squirrel

15) Talking with animals Lesson 2 – Mole, Hedgehog, Frog

16a) Plants and trees in the Bible (Old and New Testament)

16b) Birds in the Bible

16c) Animals in the Bible

17) Grandmother’s spices and wild nature garden

18) Living like a butterfly

19) Orchids – flowers of paradise

20) How to help birds effectively

21) Ornithology and bird ringing at the eco-centre

22) Living garden

23) Kingfishers on Golden Brook and in the world

24) Exploring the bird kingdom: river, meadow, bird feeder and home